Freshman Classic

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  • Games are at:
  • Martin High School, 4501 W.Pleasant Ridge, Arl., Tx.,76016
  • Mansfield Legacy High School 1263 N Main St, Mansfield, TX 76063
  • A coin toss will determine the home team. The opposing coaches should determine this upon arrival. At the same time, dugout selections should be made. Martin will sit in the first base dugout.
  • The 10 run rule will be in effect.
  • No pregame infield or outfield.
  • There will be an admission charged per the school district rules.
  • Entry fee for the tournament is $100.00. Make checks payable the MARTIN BASEBALL BOOSTER CLUB.
  • Each team must supply game balls for their games.
  • Field House Phone is 817-266-0433.


A. All games will have an hour and forty five minute limit. If the game is tied, there will be no extra innings. Try to stay on schedule!

B. The following rules will determine the winner if tied:

  1. Runners reaching 3rd base.
  2. Runners reaching 2nd base.
  3. Runners reaching 1st base.
  4. Coin flip

C. Games will be 7 innings as time allows.


The Warrior Freshman Tournament is a pool play type tournament.

Martin Field:
Thursday: Feb. 23
11:00         Martin vs Lamar
1:00           Lamar vs Mansfield High
3:00           Mansfield High vs Bowie
5:00           Bowie vs Lake Ridge
7:00           Martin vs Lake Ridge
Friday: Feb. 24
11:00         Martin vs Arlington High
1:00           Arlington High vs Lamar
3:00           Lamar vs Burleson Cent
5:00           Burleson Cent vs Summit
7:00           Martin vs Summit
Saturday: Feb. 25
11:00         Martin vs Burleson Cent
1:00           Bowie vs Summit

Mansfield Legacy Field:
1:00        Arlington High vs Seguin
3:00        Arlington High vs Burleson Cent
5:00        Summit vs Burleson Cent
7:00        Summit vs Legacy
1:00        Mansfield High vs Lake Ridge
3:00        Seguin vs Lake Ridge
5:00        Seguin vs Bowie
7:00        Bowie vs Legacy
11:00      Lamar vs Legacy
1:00        Arlington High vs Mansfield High
3:00        Legacy vs Mansfield High